June 17, 2024
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The footballer’s sibling was arrested in hospital on Friday after police discovered a gun in a blood-covered boat Matias claimed he abandoned following an accident.
He was, however, operated on over the weekend for injuries including a broken jaw and facial cuts.
According to local reports, under Argentinian law, Messi’s brother could be sentenced to up to eight and a half years in prison if convicted as the minimum prison sentence he could face for an illegal firearms conviction would be three and a half years .
The Barcelona star’s brother has been placed under police guard at the Sanatorio Parque,a private hospital in city of Rosario,Argentina following ongoing investigation, the Sun Uk reported
Matias’ lawyer Ignacio Carbone suggested the gun found on the boat could have been planted by cops insisting his client checked himself into hospital after injuring himself when he hit a sandbank.

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