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OAU Student Dies In Horrible Auto Crash During ‘Drag Race’

One explanation is the victim was member of a race team, and was even going to participate in a big event next year, so perhaps he saw the midnight hour as a time to showcase his skills.

Read below:-

At exactly 12:50am today (Christmas Day) my Uni Alumni pals & I were coming out of Lekki County Estate when two cars flashed by us, the sound they made you’d think they’re power bikes.

3minutes later 1 lost control & crashed right under the footbridge. Here’s what’s left of a BMW”

But Nigerians are amazing people. The car WAS ON FIRE when we got there yet already people were relentlessly trying to prise the wreckage aside with tools to reach was already supposed to be a dead man,

despite what seemed like impending explosion. Neither factor deterred them.

Called Emergency Services & they were on their way as at when we left; by then the windscreen had been peeled away- miraculously the guy was still breathing though unconscious. Can’t be more than in his mid 20s. Racing.

See accidented car below:-

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