July 25, 2024
A former Boko Haram Chief Intelligence Officer, Abdulkadir Abubakar, has revealed how the group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, is now a cripple.
He did not, however, disclose how Shekau became a cripple.
The former Boko Haram CIO condemned the group’s killings and advised Shekau to surrender as their activities have no place in Islam.
Besides, he also warned Shekau to stop using innocent girls who are being hypnotised as human bombs.
Abubakar, also known as Abu Muhammad, also warned other factional leaders of the group, such as Mamman Nur, Abbor Mainok, Abu Musad Albarnawi and Abbah Minok to repent from their deadly ways and embrace peace.
Abubakar was the CIO of the terror group and one of its top commanders, until his arrest in June, this year, by the military, in Buni Yadi, in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.
The former commander, who spoke to PRNigeria in his cell in Maiduguri, Borno State, regretted that a lot of innocent young girls were captured, tortured, hypnotised and used by Shekau, in suicide bombing.
Shekau should remember that he was nobody but an ordinary student. He should remember that he had only two sets of clothes when we were in Maiduguri.
 I remember telling him: ‘Brother Shekau, why can’t you buy more clothes to wear? And he told me he was afraid of meeting God on the day of judgement.’
“He should look at himself and ask himself if he has achieved anything from the senseless cause.
Despite all the looted wealth and power he has acquired, was he able to buy himself good health?
“He is now a cripple; isn’t that a lesson for him to learn and understand that God is punishing you for the pain you inflicted on others?
“I am calling on Abubakar Shekau, Mamman Nur, Abbor Minok and Abu Musad Albarnawi to lay down their arms and to stop the senseless killings.
“Shekau has continued to demonstrate his cruelty and atrocities against humanity. He had killed a lot of souls, destroyed homes and rendered people homeless.
“He continues to exercise God’s authority by killing innocent souls at will, without any justification. This was why all his commanders left him.
“He doesn’t have pity for the aged, women, children as well as young girls, who are mostly suffering and dying in his camp.
“His followers are raping and committing all sort of atrocities under his nose while he continued to show no concern. Many who dared to question his dastardly acts were promptly eliminated by Shekau.
Some of his commanders like Aliyu and our Chief Mechanic, known as “Paper,” were killed for begging Shekau to provide food to mothers and their children at the time our camp in Abiso ran out of food.
When Shekau was told to help them, he said he did not come to Sambisa to feed the “Children of Handak.” He said if 100,000 of them die everyday, that’s none of his business.
“At some point, women became beggars; to feed their children in Sambisa, while at least 13 children died of malnutrition and other hardship meted on them by Shekau.
This is the reason why Mamman Nur, Albarnawi, Man Chari, Abbor Minok and Abba Albarnawi, including myself, deserted him and formed our factional groups.
Mamman Nur moved to the shores of Chad while Albarnawi and Abbah (Last born of Muhammad Yusuf) remained at the shores of Magumeri.
“All of us, as at then, were all hunting to kill Shekau, just like the Nigerian military because of the atrocities he committed under our name. We had fought nine times with him and killed many of his men.
“Shekau must know that all those women he is sending with Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs), in places of worship, markets and schools are our sisters and mothers and they don’t deserve to die.
“He must know that, one day, he would be called to account for all the atrocities he has committed in the name of Islam. There is no compulsion in religion. Indeed, God has really allowed the truth to prevail over falsehood.
“There is no verse of the Holy Qur’an that permits Muslims to kill anybody.God will punish even those who feel happy while we are killed not to talk of killing innocent souls. So, you cannot kill anyone who doesn’t believe in your faith or practice.
“Arrogantly, Shekau declared a whole country and people living in it as infidels and ordered that everyone living in that city, and not Sambisa, must be killed. Islam can never be synonymous with senseless killings.

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