July 25, 2024


Barrister Onikosi who is a lecturer at the Al-hikmah University in Kwara state this morning ordered 300-level law students of the school out of his class and to kneel down by the hallway.

According to sources in the school, the lecturer who ran his masters programme in Malaysia, is always making reference to Malaysia whenever he is lecturing. Every single example he cites in class is always from or about Malaysia.

This morning, he arrived the class and while he was lecturing, he asked the students a question and because none of them knew the answer, he reportedly referred to them as local. One of the students who sat at the back codedly shouted ‘But we are not from Malaysia‘.

Barrister Onikosi heard it and was angry. He asked for the student that made the remark to identify himself and when none of them did so, he ordered them out of his class and asked them to kneel down by the hall way.

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